Our Work

We are doing our bit to help flatten the coronavirus curve by switching to remote working. We will continue to work on all projects as planned but with minimal face-to-face interactions until further notice. If you need to contact us, please email admin@ej-architect.com or drop us a message through our social media accounts.

Karwa Mosque

An urban mosque forms a gateway to an old existing village on the island of Penang

Bamboo Terrace Homes

Comfortable contemporary homes for the masses using local sustainable bamboo

Wangsa House

Refurbishment of existing house to bring in more light and air by blurring of boundaries between inside and outside

The Buzz.ar

A continuous folding roof shelters community spaces for events, performances, shops and play

IKN Bamboo Pavilion

A bamboo structure created for the Design Innovation Pop-up Studio at Institut Kraftangan Negara

Engineering Laboratory

An interior fit-out project for an upgraded engineering laboratory facility

WUF09KL Bamboo Pavilion

A bamboo pavilion designed and built for the World Urban Forum 9 Kuala Lumpur

CREAM Office Fit-out

An interior fit-out for a research office in the centre of Kuala Lumpur using local materials

EJA Studios

Our studio space in use continuously develops into something that reflects our way of working

Meranti Pavilion

A lattice-like timber pavilion designed for the expo at the AIA Conference 2017 in Orlando Florida

Shadow Garden Pavilion

Built using traditional jointing methods, this timber pavilion sits in the courtyard of an art gallery

Bamboo Playhouse

A shelter made from bamboo with raised square platforms set at multiple levels

Sepang House

A tropical house that responds to the local tropical climate with deep overhangs

Sri Rampai Pedestrian Bridge

The sculptural quality of this pedestrian bridge echoes its vibrant surroundings

Vermani House

A remodelling exercise of an existing house with a central circular courtyard

Bamboo Classroom

A bamboo classroom prototype designed to resist strong winds in the eastern coast of Luzon, Phillippines

Desa Mahkota School

Tropical secondary school, passively designed to improve the standard typology

Venice Biennale 2014

Our bamboo projects at the Time-Space-Existence exhibition for Venice Biennale 2014

MWA Trophy

Solid wood trophies designed for the Malaysian Wood Awards 2017

KL Spiral Link

A project to encourage sustainable mobility and improve ecological connections in the city of Kuala Lumpur

Sentul Elderly Centre

This elderly centre aims to connect with the local community through open design

Flitched Upcycle Competition

This proposal uses recycled material to create a workshop garden for the local community of Canning Town

HOME for Singapore

A mobile compact home designed for the low-income in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore

Rompin Hostel

Passive cooling methods are used for this hostel development providing 120 bed spaces in the small coastal town of Rompin in Pahang

Kemensah House

A tropical detached house arranged around a central courtyard

Precinct 10 House

A two-storey courtyard house with views directed towards a public park in a residential precinct of Putrajaya

Border School (School for Burma)

This bamboo school provides teaching accommodation for children of migrant families in Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand, close to the border of Burma.

Naidu House

This house utilises a U-shaped plan arranged around a very private green courtyard.

Flood Risk Housing (UK)

Awarded first prize winner, this is an entry for flood design housing competition in 2008 launched by Norwich Union, with the support of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Courtyard House Study

In this study, an architectural analysis of a particular house typology – the courtyard terrace – in response to the environmental and social sustainability within the context of tropical Malaysia is discussed.

Welsh Future Homes

This is one of 6 proposals which have been shortlisted for a futuristic home international competition run by BBC Wales and National Museums and Galleries of Wales in 1999.