mwa trophy

We were commissioned by Malaysian Timber Council to design trophies for the Malaysian Wood Awards 2017 using local hardwood. There are two awards categories – student and professional, and there were to be a different design for each. The student trophy is a simple cube of solid wood with dimensions of 90 x 90 x 90 mm, which fits perfectly in a human hand. Lines are engraved at different depth and thickness to create the awards’ logo and text. The professional category trophy is of the same dimension except it is taller and more elaborate with additional engraving in the form of criss-crosses.

The trophies are made from different local Malaysian hardwood. Belian, the hardest, is used for first prize trophy, followed by Balau for the second placing trophy and Meranti for the third. The trophies are an articulation of local materiality in minimalist geometric objects. The engraving patterns alludes to age-old craftsmanship, combining durability and careful detailing, to create objects that are exceptionally tactile and contemporary.