kampung endah library

This small library was built to serve the community of Kampung Endah, a small village with a local population of about 2000 people along the west coast of peninsula Malaysia and about 60 kilometres to the south west of Kuala Lumpur. It is located close to a mosque, school and clinic, and together they form part of the community centre for the village.

This village library was extended and remodelled from an existing structure which had decaying timber roof frames and flood-damaged walls and floors. The extension involved removing the front façade and adding a new one about 2 metres away from its original location. This move added the total floor area from 800 to 1000 square feet, allowing the addition of a small information technology room and a pre-school children’s library. The main reading area is a small but elongated space inserted with a series portal frames set at about 1 metre apart. Spanning between these frames are horizontal shelving systems and window seats.

The front façade imparts a sense of playfulness with a series of colourful boxes which defines window openings. Concrete benches built into this façade provides a place to sit and chit chat or simply watch friends play.

Location: Kampung Endah, Banting, Selangor
Completion Year: 2020
Size: 93 square metres
Photography by GARISPXL.CO
Client: Selangor Library (CSR initiative by the architect)
Design team: Eleena Jamil, Bahirah Rahman, Yow Pei San, Cheah Zhi Bin
Builders: Kurnia Murni Engineering/Penal-link Sdn Bhd