Chia House

The client wanted a convivial open-plan living space with lots of natural daylight for a contemporary family life within a piece of land measuring 770m² . Early discussions centred around the idea of a courtyard plan to bring in as much natural light as possible through carefully configured glazing panels. The house occupies the whole buildable area of the site with a small three-sided courtyard inserted into the volume. The structural system of the house is part steel-frame and part-reinforced concrete with walls a combination of rendered wall and exposed brickwork infills.  

Project Information & Credits:

Location: Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Status: Built

Completion Year: 2021

Site Area: 770 m²

Total floor area: 506 m²

Photography by David Yeow Photography

Architectural Design team: Eleena Jamil, Bahirah Rahman, Yow Pei San

Contractor: Ming Joo Construction