Just completed – An Interior Fit-out for a Research Office

We have just completed an interior fit out exercise for a research institute in Kuala Lumpur where workspace partitions are crafted from industrial polycarbonate sheets and acoustic fabric panels framed with laminated rubberwood. Rubberwood are obtained from rubber trees and is considered an eco-friendlier source of timber than other hardwood types as they are faster to grow and are often leftovers from plantations after their ‘trees have ceased producing rubber sap’. The semi-translucent polycarbonate panels of the partitions provide privacy to workers without cutting off visual connection completely.

More details coming soon.

WUF09KL Bamboo Pavilion – Part 3

Its been hectic for our team trying to complete this little structure in a week, but we are extremely pleased with the results. As part of World Urban Forum installations, the pavilion – called the urban brains – will act as an incubator of ideas where visitors are encouraged to express their urban pledges for a better city by writing them down on the coloured bamboo rings.

WUF09KL Bamboo Pavilion in progress -Part 2


1 week to WUF09 KL and the Urban Brains Bamboo Pavilion slowly taking shape. Special thanks to Ir. Ahmad Mazlan Othman and architects Ar. Yusri Amri Yussoff, Nurhidayah Ab Razak, Nur Azreen Mohd Ramli, Barbara Chang, Tan Min Chuen, Hanisah Nordin and Ar. Nurnajdah Najib for their great help in building the pavilion.

World Urban Forum 09 Kuala Lumpur runs from the 7th through to the 13th of February 2018.