Meranti Pavilion

A lattice-like timber pavilion designed for the expo at the AIA Conference 2017 in Orlando Florida

Bamboo Playhouse

Positioned along the edge of a lake, the playhouse is an open structure with raised square platforms set at multiple levels

Desa Mahkota School

Tropical secondary school, passively designed to improve the standard typology

Venice Biennale 2014

Our bamboo projects at the Time-Space-Existence exhibition at Palazzo Bembo during Venice Biennale 2014

Sentul Elderly Centre

With spaces arranged around a green central courtyard, this elderly centre aims to connect with the local community

Flitched Upcycle Competition

Awarded third prize winner, this proposal uses recycled material to create a workshop garden for the local community of Canning Town

Rompin Hostel

Passive cooling methods are used for this hostel development providing 120 bed spaces in the small coastal town of Rompin in Pahang

Border School (School for Burma)

This bamboo school provides teaching accommodation for children of migrant families in Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand, close to the border of Burma.

Flood Risk Housing (UK)

Awarded first prize winner, this is an entry for flood design housing competition in 2008 launched by Norwich Union, with the support of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).