Sepang House

Defined by a large sheltering roof with deep overhangs and shaded terraces, this house responds to the local tropical climate

Vermani House

A remodelling exercise of an existing house with a central circular courtyard

HOME for Singapore

A shortlisted entry, this mobile compact home proposal is designed the low-income in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore

Kemensah House

A tropical detached house with a series of rectilinear intersecting volumes arranged in split levels in response to the existing sloping condition of the site

Precinct 10 House

A two-storey courtyard house with views directed towards a public park in a residential precinct of Putrajaya

Naidu House

This house utilises a U-shaped plan arranged around a very private green courtyard.

Flood Risk Housing (UK)

Awarded first prize winner, this is an entry for flood design housing competition in 2008 launched by Norwich Union, with the support of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Courtyard House Study

In this study, an architectural analysis of a particular house typology – the courtyard terrace – in response to the environmental and social sustainability within the context of tropical Malaysia is discussed.

Welsh Future Homes

This is one of 6 proposals which have been shortlisted for a futuristic home international competition run by BBC Wales and National Museums and Galleries of Wales in 1999.