IKN Bamboo Pavilion

This bamboo structure is created as part of the Design Innovation Pop-up Studio Program at Institut Kraftangan Negara Malaysia

Meranti Pavilion

A lattice-like timber pavilion designed for the expo at the AIA Conference 2017 in Orlando Florida

Shadow Garden Pavilion

Built using traditional jointing methods, this timber pavilion with moving shutters and planters sits in the courtyard of an art gallery

Bamboo Playhouse

Positioned along the edge of a lake, the playhouse is an open structure with raised square platforms set at multiple levels

Flitched Upcycle Competition

Awarded third prize winner, this proposal uses recycled material to create a workshop garden for the local community of Canning Town

HOME for Singapore

A shortlisted entry, this mobile compact home proposal is designed the low-income in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore