IKN Bamboo Pavilion

This bamboo structure is created as part of the Design Innovation Pop-up Studio Program at Institut Kraftangan Negara Malaysia

Shadow Garden Pavilion

Built using traditional jointing methods, this timber pavilion with moving shutters and planters sits in the courtyard of an art gallery

Sepang House

Defined by a large sheltering roof with deep overhangs and shaded terraces, this house responds to the local tropical climate

Bamboo Playhouse

Positioned along the edge of a lake, the playhouse is an open structure with raised square platforms set at multiple levels

Vermani House

A remodelling exercise of an existing house with a central circular courtyard

Desa Mahkota School

Tropical secondary school, passively designed to improve the standard typology

Sentul Elderly Centre

With spaces arranged around a green central courtyard, this elderly centre aims to connect with the local community

Kemensah House

A tropical detached house with a series of rectilinear intersecting volumes arranged in split levels in response to the existing sloping condition of the site