Triumph Pavilion 2013 (honourable mention)

archtriumph pavilion 1

The Peace Pavilion is a simple and light timber structure planned in a double elliptical formation, laid out on the open green area. It consists of a raised and curving pedestrian deck with timber fins along the outer edge. The pavilion has a maximum height of 4 metres and an effective footprint of 20 m². Although small in footprint, the pavilion feels larger as it inevitably frames a series of existing green areas to become courtyards. The smallest courtyard – where the two ellipses intersect – is a strikingly narrow and tall space.

 Entering the pavilion is through a narrow opening along the fins where a visitor is coerced into moving along the deck while contemplating the enclosed open space. Another opening at the other end of the pavilion – not immediately apparent from where he/she entered – encourages the visitor to walk further along the deck until an exit is found.

 Here, the structure is not really a pavilion in the strictest sense. It is less a sheltering structure but more an urban sculpture that frames spaces. Dedicated to the new nations of Sudan, the duality and interconnectivity of form make a strong reference to the political parting and at the same time, the close connection and shared history of the north and south states. The lightness and simplicity of the structure are intended to induce calmness and invite reflection and contemplation of peace in very natural surroundings.

Project date: March 2013

location: Museum Gardens, Bethnal Green, London

archtriumph pavilion 2