Kemensah House

Kemensah House

Kemensah House is a detached single family house situated at the end of a cul-de-sac of a suburban neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur. Within a land area of 1400 m², the house is organized around an L-shaped plan concealing from the main approach a courtyard with a pool, badminton court and pavilion. The house is realised through a series of rectilinear intersecting volumes arranged in split levels in respond to the original sloping condition of the site. Openings and their orientations have been carefully articulated to frame and define views and at the same provide privacy.

External timber screens and timber wrapped vertical fins help to create more privacy and more importantly, provide shading to the interior spaces from potential solar gain.  The timber elements are present on almost all facades, especially that of the sun-exposed east and west, and they provide a consistent and strong architectural language to the overall design of the house. Generous timber balconies are extensions of the living rooms and each overlooks the private courtyard.

Kemensah 1

Kemensah 4

9_top floor balcony