HOME Singapore (competition – honourable mention)

HOME Singapore

Singapore’s high densities and high cost of living mean that land available for low-income housing is scarce. In response to this situation, we have proposed a prefabricated and compact home that could be placed in any parts of the city. Each unit has a total floor area of 30 square metres and comes with fully functioning spaces for everyday life activities. An internal courtyard allows daylight to filter through and ventilation to occur within the compact space. The HOME units’ ‘living’ green facades and mobility suggest that it can be placed practically anywhere in the city and it will blend with the urban fabric. The facades are largely covered with a myriad of tropical plants and the added greenery will become part of Singapore government’s initiative to green the city with local flora and fauna and achieve the concept of “a city in a garden”. The idea is that the authorities will allow the units to be placed in public areas as long as each occupant maintains the greens of his/her home in thriving condition at all times. In addition to the green walls, a simple hydroponic planting system on the vertical facades will allow the occupants to grow their own vegetables and herbs.


HOME scenarios

HOME model

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